Panini perfection

What’s a better food item to order for a quick lunch meal than a panini — the (usually) toasted sandwich with Italian bread.

Where’s a better place to go in the Houma-Thibodaux area for this sandwich than the “Home of the Panini”, aka Demitasse Café (6815 W. Park Ave., Houma).

So, in looking for a quick bite during my lunch break last Friday, I ordered one of Demitasse’s locally famous paninis, to go — along with some other tasty items, of course. 

For to-go orders, customers can walk in to retrieve their food or bring their car around to the convenient drive-thru window; I chose the latter.

My spinach and artichoke dip, Tuscany panini and iced tea with vanilla syrup (Trust me; it’s good.), was ready when I drove up, and I had a quick, easy exchange with the server working the window. 

The spinach and artichoke dip is served with a large portion of freshly grilled bread sticks. Enough for three to four people to enjoy, my coworkers and I feasted on the creamy, warm dip and pleasingly crisp bread. 

I was selfish for my main course, however, as I snuck my sandwich into my office, past eager eyes. 

My entrée consisted of the full-size Tuscany panini combo, which I chose to be served with the baked potato salad. 

The specialty sandwich is comprised of smoked ham, mozzarella cheese, creamy pesto sauce and romaine lettuce, encompassed in toasted Italian bread. The deli-fresh ham and savory pesto sauce were the standouts in the sandwich. But the (as always) perfectly toasted bread and delicious, melted mozzarella added to the satisfaction discovered in every bite. The sandwich is more than filling, too. 

The potato salad, filled with chunks of bacon and fresh-cut potatoes, and the sweet, mouthwatering vanilla iced tea complemented the memorable lunch.