A New Chapter

Revival On the Bayou
March 2, 2021
The Southern Home – March 2021
March 2, 2021

While not in the market for a home, Joshua Alford and Shaun Smith were enjoying a drive in the Fall of 2019, when they were intrigued by the architecture of a classic, red brick, two story home. After touring the home and falling in love with the layout, they decided to embark on a new chapter.

“The thing that spoke to me the most was the very traditional architecture of the home,” Shaun recalls. As a well known interior designer, he is recognized for curating a look that appears more collected than decorated. As a testament to his talent, their home incorporates the perfect balance of antiques, modern art, and contemporary lighting and furnishings. With appreciation, Shaun credits his mentor, Gerrie Bremermann, for helping him to hone in on his personal style.

While most of the changes to the home were cosmetic, it did provide a blank slate to write their story on the home. They lifted the interior openings, painted walls, cabinets, and trim, and extended the wood flooring, bleaching them to create a seamless transition from old to new. 

Filled with sentimental items and serving as the center of the home, the living room ranks first as their favorite space, while the kitchen and dining room rank as their second favorite space. Regarding the kitchen, Shaun remarks, “I’m proud that we worked with what was there. We opened the space by removing the uppers and painting the remaining cabinets black. Then we updated the hardware, countertops and appliances.” Regarding the dining room, Josh adds, “I love that we actually use our dining room. We enjoy hosting there quite often.” 

Stunning wallpapers make a dramatic difference throughout several spaces such as the media room, bar and dish pantry, while the use of paint turns other spaces such as the master bath into a masterpiece. “I think there’s a point in every renovation that the budget goes to other places and you’ve got to work with what you’ve got,” shared Shaun. “That’s what we did in the master bath. Working with the green tile instead of against it, I painted the walls, ceiling and trim an elegant dark green as well.” 

Just as the home took on a new life with their combined styles, the newly engaged couple looks forward to their future in the home they built together. POV