The Hearing Clinic

Imagine a world without sound. For some, hearing loss slowly strips away their connection with the people and activities around them. Dr. Catherine Lo focuses on reconnecting the patient with their world.

“With hearing loss, you become isolated because you’re not able to communicate,” Dr. Lo explains. “I feel that if we can better help you hear, you can become reconnected with your family again.”

Audiology is the specialty that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of people with hearing and balance disorders. The main emphasis of The Hearing Clinic is the hearing aspect of the specialty. They evaluate adult patients, make assessments about the status of the patient’s hearing, fit with hearing devices if needed and make recommendations on the status of the ears.

Dr. Lo chose the specialty of audiology after doing her clinical observations at a hospital’s ENT (ear, nose, throat) department in the Philippines. She witnessed a hearing aid fitting in the audiology department and watched as the patient was moved to tears as she was able to hear again.

“I was always drawn to the profession where the use of technology was able to change someone’s life,” shares Dr. Lo. “When I saw that, I knew it was the profession for me.”

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