What’s the Top Holiday Dessert in Louisiana? We think this survey got ours Wrong!

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We’re less than a week from the big day! If you’re preparing for a family reunion this holiday season, and wondering what dessert your guests may like, Zippia has provided a map to assist you! The job-hunting website used Google Trends to determine what festive treats American’s like state by state. Surprisingly, their study found that Cheesecake stood out as a holiday favorite!

Zippia selected over 40 classic Christmas desserts and used Google Trends to see which ones were searched for at a disproportionately high rate throughout the holidays in each state. According to the December 2020 report, countrywide, the search volume for holiday fudge, peppermint bark, gingerbread desserts, and cheesecake skyrocketed. Though there were plenty of obscure classics in some states as well.

Zippia found that nine states chose cheesecake as their holiday dessert annually. Pudding comes in second place with four states choosing the specific dessert over others. Five states prefer some form of gingerbread sweets, like a cake or a gingerbread man, while 10 states are all for different types of cookies, ranging from classic chocolate chip to festive peppermint kiss.

Another surprising find in Zippia’s state-by-state breakdown is that Idaho is the only state that loves candy canes, a holiday classic. Chocolate Santa statues were found to be New Jersey and Illinois favorites. As for Wyoming and Arizona? They would much rather have their treats in liquid form with traditional eggnog and hot chocolate, respectively, taking the cake.

What is the top holiday dessert in Louisiana? According to Zippia, Louisianans prefer pudding as their holiday sweet treat. This isn’t surprising, being that you can find bread pudding and banana pudding as a specialty at many Louisiana restaurants since 1970!

Readers, We want to hear about your favorite holiday baking traditions! What sweet treat is your family’s must-have after a holiday meal? Vote below!


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