A Family that Rides Together…

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February 14, 2020
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There’s a popular saying: “A family that eats together, stays together,” or its other variation, “A family that prays together, stays together.”

But for Heidi Saint, her mother Katherine Marie and her daughter Abby Saint, their bond is made stronger through Louisiana’s favorite holiday, Mardi Gras.

For many years, the family has been involved in Carnival season, more specifically with Houma’s Krewe of Hyacinthians, in some capacity. 

“I watched my family participate in it forever,” Heidi said. “I was a page and a maid when I was younger, and I wanted my children to be able to do the same, which they were both able to do.” 

When she decided to ride 15 years ago, Heidi asked her mom, who rode in the Krewe when Heidi was a child, to rejoin the club so the two could ride together. 

Heidi has been float captain the the last ten years, and Katherine has been co-captain the last eight. Standing side by side, the duo entertain parade-goers with throws and cheers from above each year. 

“We have a blast doing it and I keep telling them: ‘I’m too old; I need to stop,’” Katherine laughed. “But it’s so fun.” 

“I love the interaction with the children at the elderly,” Heidi said. “I love being able to see their faces from the bottom row.” 

When the float No.8, Shops at Canal Place, rolls in the Hyacinthians parade this Sunday at noon, the duo will be spreading some joy and breads with Abby, who has been looking forward to this opportunity. 

“You’re just so eager to ride because you don’t know what to expect,” she said. “You see all your family members and your friends who ride and how much fun they have. And then you have that excitement and eagerness to ride and find out for yourself.” 

Katherine and Heidi can’t wait to see the next generation ride with them. 

“Now, with Abby getting in, it’s going to be twice as fun,” Katherine said. “That’s my favorite part, just watching them.”  

Heidi also noted that it’s not just the ladies, as the men in the family are riding together as well. She said her husband David, son Haden and dad Henry Marie ride together in Houmas and Endymion in New Orleans. 

“So it’s something we get to do as a whole family that we all get to participate with each other,” she said. “It’s a really neat thing for us.”