October 5, 2022

Opinion: Why Are Taxpayers Subsidizing the Sexualization of Children?

"Why would any decent human being want to put the next generation on such a miserable and lonely path through life, chasing sensation at the expense of themselves? And how could that possibly be in the best interests of our children or our State? " Attorney General Jeff Landry
September 17, 2022

Biden: “Brain Food for the Border, Not Louisiana”

"Bowing to the ultimate woke altar, Biden has put parents and newborns across Louisiana in distress," Attorney General Jeff Landry. 
September 17, 2022

New Orleans Deserves Better: AG Landry Supports Legal Motion to End Crippling Consent Decree

OPINION: "While the Crescent City is rich in culture and tradition, it has devastatingly been under attack by rising crime fueled by the disastrous Consent Decree," said Attorney General Landry. "Today's legal action is another step toward helping the countless families ravaged by crime in New Orleans."
August 29, 2022

Op-Ed: A Year After Hurricane Ida

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) published an op-ed marking the one-year anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Ida.