GLPC: Water encroaching on low-lying areas on LA1 below Golden Meadow Lock

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June 6, 2020
Cristobal shows little change in latest update
June 6, 2020

As Tropical Storm Cristobal approaches, Port Fourchon Harbor Police report that rising water levels are encroaching on low-lying areas of LA 1 and Old LA 1. Drivers should be especially cautious when traveling roadways soon to be overtopped in some areas. Water is approaching the fog line on the northbound shoulder just outside of Leeville, at Tidewater Dock in Golden Meadow, and in front of The Seafood Shed in Golden Meadow. The area of Old LA 1 from BBY Marina to RSI Shipyard has water approaching or across the northbound lane, and the area of RSI Shipyard is completely covered.


LA 1 remains open for travel at this time, but we anticipate water levels to be high enough to close it sometime later tonight. Please drive safely and remain alert to road conditions.


Lafourche Parish officials have issued a mandatory evacuation effective at 6:00 p.m. for the area below the Leon Theriot Lock in Golden Meadow. With that, all remaining personnel should evacuate the port as Tropical Storm Cristobal approaches.


After the storm has passed and roadways are cleared for passage, the Port Commission will notify port businesses when limited or full access is given to tenants to return and assess any damage to facilities.