Opinion: “What Makes Washington Tick”

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February 20, 2021
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February 21, 2021

The vast majority of Americans truly have no idea what goes on in the House and the Senate. We elect Senators and Representatives, both Democrats and Republicans, in hope that they will carry out their sworn duty. Unfortunately, very few actually do that.

Whether you are a Trump fan or not, you should be appalled by the four plus years of the Washington circus. The Washington Democrats and Republicans are NOT looking out for the best interest of Americans and America. They maneuver their political posturing to enhance their Washington longevity. After all, the longer they hold a political position in Congress, the more wealthy they appear to become.

The incredibly wasteful impeachment trials were a very clear display of pure hatred and theatrical antics by both Democrats and Republicans. The repetitive rhetoric was pure embarrassment for our “system”. The Democrats insisted on proceeding with the impeachment process even though it was totally obvious that they did not have the votes to “win”. Somehow, the Democrats managed to convince seven RINOS to commit political suicide, and vote to impeach President Trump.

No sooner had the impeachment circus ended, and there was Mitch McConnell condemning Mr Trump, and encouraging civil action against him – pure political showmanship on full display. The Democrats are probably planning their next attack on the former President right now; anything to avoid doing what they were elected to do.

In the movie “An Officer and a Gentleman”, Richard Gere was being harshly punished by Louis Gossett, Jr in an attempt to make Gere drop out of the program. Gere finally cried out “I got nowhere else to go”. The Democrats and Republicans have created such a pathetic political atmosphere – Americans seemingly have nowhere else to go regarding which party to support.

2021 is just underway. Hopefully, at some point, our elected Washington politicians will begin to actually do the job that they took an oath to do.

Tony Bianca
Houma, LA