Gallery: Superdome unveils ongoing renovation, including field-level suites

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The Mercedes-Benz Superdome will offer a new experience for New Orleans Saints fans, beginning with the 2021 season. 


Officials pulled back the curtains on the stadium’s ongoing renovation, including 12 field-level suites, on Tuesday. 


The new spaces, located in the north end zone, each can hold 20-24 attendees. 


“We have 12 suites that are going to bring our fans closer to the action than ever before and really enhance our dome-field advantage,” said Jen Martindale, Vice President of Brand Strategy with the New Orleans Saints. “…You’re going to have players within feet or inches of you.” 


Martindale said the organization is working with season ticket holders, being transparent about the new amenities. “If we don’t have something that meets their needs, we’re going to place them on a priority waitlist. They will not lose their season ticket holder tenure or benefits while they’re on that list while we work aggressively all-year-round to get them back in the Dome as soon as possible,” she said. 


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Superdome hosted games with a limited stadium capacity in 2020, and season ticket holders could opt out. 


There’s more in the works for the $450 million renovation, too. 


“When [fans] come back this year, they’re going to experience opened-up corners, much more light and openness going into the concourse itself and then the new premium seating, more ADA [Americans with Disabilities] seating,” Martindale said. “And then as we move through the process over the next several years, there’ll be a lot more to report, including the widening of the concourses, new amenities and concessions coming online.”


The project is expected to be completed in 2025.


“The New Orleans Saints and everyone involved with the Superdome want to keep this venue as competitive as possible for the next 50 years, not just for our own games but for all of the world-class events that come here,” Martindale said. “And the reality is that as the fan experience evolves, the Dome needs to evolve, too.”


The Saints are contributing $150 million for the 45-year-old stadium’s renovation, and the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District (LSED) is bonding out $210 million for the construction, according to the project’s website, The State of Louisiana has committed $90 million towards it, the website says. 


According to Envision the Future, the Dome brings in over $578 million in annual revenue for Louisiana and supports 5,000 jobs. 


“This building is incredibly important to New Orleans economy, to our hospitality and tourism industry and to our residents…So, we want every world-class event that’s looking for a home to consider the Superdome in their selection process,” Martindale said. “It’s good for the city. It’s good for the building. It’s good for the team.”


The Saints kick off their first preseason home game on August 23 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

See pictures of the renovations and renderings of the field-level suites below: