September 6, 2007

Emerald – The color of a country and its cuisine

Satellite images of Thailand are lavishly, extravagantly green. And while there are many aspects to Thai cuisine, the namesake color of Emerald (the restaurant) either predominates […]
October 4, 2007

Mike’s Steakhouse picks up where Yots II left off

Mike’s Steakhouse on Tunnel Boulevard has now been open for three years, owned and operated by Mike Duplantis, in the location that originally housed his father’s […]
November 1, 2007

Chester’s Cypress Inn dishes up yesteryear’s favorites

Many of you younger readers may have never heard of a restaurant in Chacahoula named Chester’s Cypress Inn. Chester’s doesn’t advertise and relies upon its repeat […]
November 30, 2007

Asian Pan has landed on Enterprise Drive

I was among the many who grew up fascinated by the television series “Star Trek.” So what does that have to do with dining in the […]