Letters to editor

April 29, 2009

Super Cooper Heart Run director offers thanks

Dear Editor: We would like to thank you for your generous coverage of the Cooper Life Fund, which organized our fundraising event that benefited Terrebonne General […]
May 13, 2009

Reader: ‘Doc’ Brownell’s life a model for all citizens

Dear Editor: Twenty years ago, on May 6, 1989, after finding his boat disabled, authorities recovered the body of 75-year-old Charles Russell Brownell Jr., M.D. The […]
June 4, 2009

Reader: Advisory committee should move soon to ensure safe evacuation, shelter

Dear Editor: I am Dena Bordelon, the widow of Cecil J. Bordelon, whom many will remember because of his many years of devoted service in the […]
June 10, 2009

Reader: Healthcare cuts would be devastating

Dear Editor: Hospitals are facing major cuts this legislative session that would be devastating for their patients, their employees and our communities. These cuts could lead […]