Guest columnists

July 7, 2010

Gulf Coast cos. may need to pay tax on BP money

Gulf Coast business owners who receive payments from BP for oil spill-related losses may also get an unwanted surprise: The money isn’t all theirs to keep. […]
July 7, 2010

Yankee finds herself on southern ground

I’m what a lot of people down here would consider a “Yankee.” But I’ve never donned pin stripes and could really care less about Derek Jeter, […]
July 7, 2010

Like Jabez, if we ask God sincerely, it shall be granted

I just read “The Prayer of Jabez” by Bruce Wilkinson. I would like to share some of my insights about this prayer. The Bible lists Jabez’s […]
July 14, 2010

Cars: When it comes to mpg, I’m buying the ‘hype’

Last year’s crippling success of Cash for Clunkers, the sustained popularity of the Toyota Prius and splashy headlines afforded the 230-mpg Chevy Volt would seem to […]