Guest columnists

August 5, 2009

What we spend on healthcare is no one’s business

“Preventive care” is one of the magic formulas often invoked in discussions of so-called health-care reform. Don’t worry about the apparent costs of reform, we’re told, […]
August 12, 2009

Only God can satisfy the deep hunger in our hearts

We human beings have many desires that are constantly clamoring to be satisfied. We desire security: we want to feel safe in our homes, safe when […]
August 12, 2009

Moderate Discourse: The Jailer of Freedom?

Bill O’Reilly continues his harangue that conservatives should just drop the Obama birth certificate controversy. Dennis Miller recently advised that Republicans should just let Sotomayor sail […]
August 19, 2009

Compromise a poison pill for small business

Much ado has been made of the tenuous “compromise” between President Barack Obama and “Blue Dog” Democrats in Washington on the issue of government-run health care. […]