Guest columnists

September 23, 2009

Why Louisiana needs a single board of higher education

America has the best system of higher education in the history of civilization, and many of those schools are right here in Louisiana. Yet, our colleges […]
September 30, 2009

Defensive medicine is bad for health, wallets

Months into the emotionally-charged health care debate, the negative impact that out of control litigation is having on our system is finally getting some attention. In […]
September 30, 2009

Right-sizing needed to remedy bloated labor costs

Louisiana ranks 1st in the South and 8th in the nation for the number of state employees per 10,000 population. Our state also faces a $3 […]
September 30, 2009

Some stories impart far more than just facts

Jesus often used stories or parables to teach lessons about the deeper aspect of life. It’s a good teaching tool because it addresses the right side […]