Guest columnists

June 10, 2009

The inevitability of parental choice

A year ago, the nation’s largest newspaper wrote in an editorial that it was time to “move beyond vouchers” in the debate over America’s educational future. […]
June 17, 2009

No change in state’s homestead exemption

Six weeks ago, it was a hot topic in the halls of the Capitol: give lots of homeowners a huge break on their local property taxes. […]
June 17, 2009

A father’s vocation is to be a loving, caring person

Father’s Day is this Sunday. While I have no problem finding material for a Mother’s Day column, stories dealing with Father’s Day are few and far […]
June 24, 2009

A meandering road for Louisiana’s sin tax idea

It’s clear now that Louisiana House members don’t want to increase a certain sin tax. But it took a while. Maneuvering over an increase on tobacco […]