Guest columnists

March 10, 2010

Streamlining work beneficial despite shortcomings

The Louisiana Streamlining Government Commission, of which I am a member, has made 238 recommendations to the Legislature and the governor in the first phase of […]
March 17, 2010

ANALYSIS: Will Jerusalem spat undo peacemaking?

Vice President Joe Biden’s trip to Israel and the West Bank was designed to underscore the Obama administration’s commitment to support Israeli security as it approaches […]
March 17, 2010

When bad things happen, is this punishment from God?

When the deadly earthquake devastated Haiti in January, televangelist Pat Robertson was quick to state that the hundreds of thousands of people who were killed or […]
March 24, 2010

A positive attitude is essential for true Christian Living

Inspirational speaker Jim Rohn reminds us that the process of human change begins within us. “We all have tremendous potential. We all want good results from […]