Guest columnists

June 24, 2009

A meandering road for Louisiana’s sin tax idea

It’s clear now that Louisiana House members don’t want to increase a certain sin tax. But it took a while. Maneuvering over an increase on tobacco […]
July 1, 2009

Jefferson, the American mind and U.S.A.’s birth

In 1776, America was going through the difficult process of being born. Stating that the colonies “are, and of right ought to be, free and independent […]
July 1, 2009

America is not a Christian nation, despite majority’s beliefs

An interesting debate is taking place in the United States regarding the religious identity of our country. President Barack Obama’s statement is the stimulus for this […]
July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson, greed signal democracy’s demise

The zombies may have stalked Michael Jackson on camera in his music video “Thriller,” but it was the media vampires who hounded him off camera and […]