Guest columnists

July 30, 2013

Some things that caught my eye

In a surprise move, the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection District- East filed a lawsuit against scores of oil and gas companies to try to force them […]
August 6, 2013

Is this flood board going rogue?

In a month full of reminders of the perils and costs of offshore drilling – among them one leaky well, one full-scale blowout and spectacular fire […]
August 6, 2013

How to help fast-food workers

Doubling the minimum wage may seem like a good way to help fast-food workers, but it would hurt them instead. So what should we do? We […]
August 13, 2013

Unenforceable laws stay on the books

The East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff’s use of an unconstitutional law to arrest gay men who weren’t doing anything illegal might not have happened if state […]