Guest columnists

November 4, 2009

Sen. Harry Reid plays a shell game with health care

After months of work by Senate Committees, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stepped up to the microphone and pronounced that in his opinion “the best way […]
November 12, 2009

True love requires work, sacrifice – sometimes pain

I would like to share some thoughts about developing a good, healthy marriage. Here are five essential elements. The first is a correct understanding of what […]
November 12, 2009

How patriotism can save America?

As a soldier in the U.S. Army, I have often pondered what it means to be patriotic, what it means to serve our country and what […]
November 18, 2009

Is Tweeting now a felony under federal law?

The ominous rise of the surveillance state continues unabated. With each passing day, hope fades that the Obama administration will diverge from George W. Bush’s erection […]